Tulsi Vivah celebrated with fervor and gaiety in Chicago


Krishna ( Shaligram)'s welcome by Tulsi's Parent Pinakin & Bhavini Patel.

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Chicago, IL

Bharatiya Senior Citizens of Chicago celebrated ‘Tulsi Vivah’ on November 24th at Rana Regan Center in Carol Stream, Ilinois. The ceremony began at 3pm. Well-known Professional beauticians made a mehendi designs on all 30 women for Saturday November 25,2023 when ‘Tulsi Vivah’ wedding was organized.

Singer Parth Patel & Mayuri Patel sang a Lagna Geeto

More than 500 members attended this precious ceremony. Rasila Dobariya, BSC Secretary welcome all guests representing Tulsi side and Shaligram side. Vargodo, Wedding ceremony with live wedding song was sung by with live band. Singer Parth Patel & Mayuri Patel sang a Lagna Geeto Vivah ceremony performed by Satish Bhagwat and excusive member Rakshika Anjaria. ‘Tulsi Vivah Devi Tulsi Yajman was Babulal & Pushpa Bhorania and Bhagvan Shree Shaligram Yajman was Pinakin & Bhavini Patel.  At the end of ceremony everybody enjoyed Garba and the delicious dinner. 

Tulsi’s side parents & Shaligram side parents performing Lagna Faira

Haribhai Patel, the BSC President and Parsottam Pandya, BSC Managing Trustee welcome all BSC members. Invited guests gave best wishes for this occasion.  The Executives Committee and working committee worked harder to make this event a success.  

BSC members and guests watching wedding ceremony

Tulsi Vivaha, which is also known as Tulasi Kalyanam, in which a symbolic ceremonial wedding takes place between a tulsi plant or holy basil and a Shaligrama or an amla branch. Tulasi Vivaha signifies the end of the monsoon, and the beginning of the wedding season in Hinduism.

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