Design studio creates capsule collection for Beyond Bollywood Exhibition


The display at Asian Art Museum Celebrating 2,000 years of Dance in South Asia, South East Asia, and the Himalayas

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Award Winning IhsanIshan Design is a New York-based studio founded by artist and designer Sangeetha Kowsik, who is a Hindu Indian American woman and an Islamic/Arabic Calligrapher. She has designed and developed and exclusive collection inspired by the exhibition “Beyond Bollywood” at the Asian Art Museum.
She has created the following products available exclusively at the Cha May Ching Boutique inside the Museum.

Children’s Tee Concept: Lord Krishna is known as the Lord of Love, Compassion, and Tenderness in Hinduism, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu or Supreme Consciousness to earth. His charm and boyhood antics (grew up among the cowherds or Gopis of Northern rural India) are celebrated across South Asia in the forms of music, dance, and theater.

This design and hand drawn illustration was inspired by the Rasamandala. In Sanskrit “Mandala” means circle. Lord Krishna’s prayer “Jai Shri Krishna” is incorporated in Sanskrit language calligraphy.

The story goes all the Gopikas wanted to dance with Lord Krishna, so the magnanimous Lord appeared as 25,000 Krishnas so each girl had a Krishna to dance with! Cows, peacocks, flowers, and rich vegetation are all associated with Lord Krishna.

Scarf (with tassels) and Tote Bag Concept: KATHAK is one of the 8 Classical Dance forms of India which originated in the North. The dancers wear (white ropes with numerous rows of bells) which has been hand illustrated around the border of the scarf.

This design is inspired by a painting from 1730 which is attributed to Pandit Seu who was from the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

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