US President Joe Biden conveys Diwali wishes


He emphasizes that the essence of Diwali in seeking the light of wisdom and love has helped his nation emerge stronger

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Washington, DC

In a special post on X, the US President conveyed his heartfelt Diwali message “Over the course of generations, South Asian Americans have woven Diwali traditions into the fabric of our nation, symbolizing the message of seeking the light of wisdom, love, and unity over the darkness of ignorance, hate, and division. It’s a message that has helped our nation emerge stronger from the past few difficult years and matters now more than ever.”

He elaborated further, “On this Diwali, may we reflect on the strength of our shared light and embrace the enduring spirit of this holiday and of our nation. To the more than one billion Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists celebrating in America and around the world, we wish you a happy Diwali.”

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