Global Indian Council’s Centre of Excellence Media & Visual (Red-carpet) commemorates the demise of director Siddique Ismail


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Global Indian Council’s Centre of Excellence Media & Visual (Red-carpet) organized a condolence Zoom meeting on August 11, 2023, to commemorate the demise of director Siddique Ismail. Red Carpet is one of the GIC’s Centers of Excellence with a vision to promote GIC and Indian diaspora through visual arts, especially film production etc.

The meeting was presided by Red Carpet CoE Chairman Tom George Kolath from the New York Chapter, and the program was coordinated by Mrs Preethy Pynadath from the Austin Chapter of GIC. GIC Global General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar welcomed the audience and expressed his condolences on behalf of GIC.

GIC Global President PC Mathew stated, “Siddique’s talents as a director, screen-writer, producer and his great personality influenced many film lovers and his friends. His skill in giving life to the characters gained through his real-life experience is amazing. His films displayed the world the “truth of life” mixed with thoughtful humor and made it unforgettable.” 

On behalf of the Global Indian Council Center of Excellence, Cinema & Visual media “Red-carpet,” Chairman Tom George Kolath had a brief outline about Director Siddique and shared his experience acting in his movie ‘Fingerprint’. Since movies are the fastest technical media of the century, we can relate ourselves to many stories, and many of the arts of cinema influenced our lives one way or another. 

The special guests were TR Ajayan, Swaralaya Festival Chairman, and Madhupal, Kairali TV director, actor, and writer. Anil Adoor, Asianet News senior editor and director, photography Jithu Damodhar delivered condolence speeches. 

TR Ajayan, chairman of Swaralaya Festivals and Kairali TV director shared a detailed briefing of director Siddique’s films.  He appreciated GIC giving importance to art, culture, and visual media. 

Madhupal, a very known actor, award-winning director, writer, and Chairman of the Kerala state cultural activities and welfare fund board, was kind enough to join our Zoom meeting.

Anil Adoor, Senior Associate Editor of Asianet News, mentioned Dir. Sidique has known him for over 20 years, a good friend, and has much respect for an organization that celebrates the legacy of a popular filmmaker from the other part of the world. 

Jithu Damodar, a cameraman of Dr Siddique who worked so closely with him for the past 5 years, till his last minutes in the hospital. While sharing his testimony, he was speechless and mentioned he is indebted to Siddique sir; his thoughts will always be with him. 

Sunil Hali, the Chief Editor of Radio Zindagi and publisher of The Indian Eye, a cousin of our favorite actor Anupam Kher, said, “losing the director of the film Bodyguard is a big loss for world cinema. Creative people create footprints in our hearts.”

Dr Anil Paulose, NY chapter President, says doctors treat people with their expertise but filmmakers heal people by entertaining them with their comedies. He really enjoyed watching how he narrated his movies ‘GodFather, BigBrother, Vietnam Colony, Bodyguard’ etc.

Tirlok Malik, one of the executive members of Red Carpet, a very talented filmmaker who worked with the nationally award-winning movie Ambedkar, My dear kuttichathan, shared his thoughts and tributes on Dir Siddique. Dr. Sheetal Desai expressed her condolences and deepest sympathy. She also mentioned we should celebrate all his great work.

Dr. Mathew Eapen, Chair of COE Health & Wellness, said never seen such a humble human person especially in showbiz. He was so privileged to receive the Asianet Healthcare award from Dir. Siddique in December 2022 at California.

PC Mathew, GIC Global President and Mrs Jija Madhavan Hari Singh, GIC Brand Ambassador Retd DGP, conveyed their condolences and remembered his great work and movies.

Film director Siddique’s condolence resolution prepared by the Global Goodwill Ambassador Jija Madhavan Hari Singh IPS (Rtd. DGP of Karnataka State, India) was read in the meeting in addition to her eloquent speech.

The resolution states that “Director Siddique’s recent passing has left a void that will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him and experiencing his exceptional talents. Whether it was through his directorial brilliance, his innovative production ventures, or his captivating performances on screen, he demonstrated a rare and genuine passion for his craft. GIC remembers Siddique with gratitude for the legacy he has left behind a legacy that will continue to enrich the world of cinema and touch the lives of countless individuals.”

GIC Global Ambassadors KAMLESH Mehta (New York), Santy Mathew (Kerala), and Adv Seema Balasubramaniam (Australia) also expressed their tribute and condolences for the great film Director Siddique.

RED-CARPET Co-chairs Komal Khatri and Sunil Hali, and Sherry Yohannan, Prof. KP Mathew, Preethy Pynadath, Sanu Zack, Sunith John expressed their deepest sympathy and respect for the legendary filmmaker. A creative person like Dir. Siddique will be remembered for his works and stay in our hearts.

The Cabinet Members Prof Joy Pallattumadom  (Vice President), Adv Yamini Rajesh and Media Chair Dr. Mathew Joys, Adv Seema Balasubramaniam (Australia), Dr. Saji Thomas, Joy Parikkapally (Mary Land), Elizabeth Paulose, Saju Thomas (Ontario), Lagi Thomas (New York), Jaisy George (Dallas Chapter President), Anila Stanley, Monu Thomas, Jacob Thomas were also present and expressed their condolences.

At the end of the meeting, everyone cherished all the beautiful thoughts of Dir. Siddique and Emcee Preethy extended her gratitude to the GIC executive board and Red Carpet, and also mentioned that Artists never die; they live through their talented works. Global Treasurer Dr Tara Shajan conveyed her respect and condolences with a heavy heart and stated that no other films made her so happy than Siddique’s ‘Bhaskar the Rascals’ and the meeting concluded with her vote of thanks.

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