Seva and Bhakti are the cornerstones of the Akshardham temple in US


US Congressman Jeff Van Drew opines on the floor of the US House of Representatives

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Washington, DC

The newly-inaugurated grand Akshardham temple in US embodies the values of seva and bhakti, as per a US lawmaker. It is believed to be the largest Hindu temple in the Western Hemisphere, It took 12,500 volunteers to complete this momentous temple.

“This project exemplifies volunteerism, personal growth, and universal values that transcend religious boundaries. It symbolizes unity, service, and devotion, reflecting the core principles shared by people worldwide,” said Congressman Jeff Van Drew on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

“Mr. Speaker, today, I share an inspiring tale of dedication and unity surrounding the construction of a magnificent Hindu temple in central New Jersey, embodying the values of seva and bhakti,” he said.

The temple has been crafted from marble and limestone, requiring about 4.7 million hours of meticulous hand-carving by artisans and volunteers to construct the Robbinsville temple that opened on October 8.

These stones, originating from Italy and Bulgaria, traveled 8,000 miles to find their place in New Jersey, said the Congressman.

The Robbinsville temple is one of many built by the BAPS, a worldwide religious and civic organization within the Swaminarayan sect, he added further.

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