Tarun Ghulati of Indian origin running as an independent for London Mayor


He aims to make London the greatest city, bringing back the pride and vibrancy of all its residents.

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London, UK

Tarun Ghulati, a proud Hindu with deep Sanatan roots cultivated during his years in India, is making an independent run for the position of Mayor of London. As per the release, his candidacy is expected to lead the way, given his 20-year association with the city and his determination to ensure London maintains its position as a leading global city, while also prioritizing the safety, security, and opportunities for growth of all Londoners.

He aims to improve the well-being and living standards of the city’s residents, particularly those in low and middle-income households. During a press conference, Ghulati expressed his enthusiasm for the London Mayor elections in 2024, emphasizing his goal of strengthening the bonds between nations with diaspora communities in London.

As per him, the Free Trade Agreement between India and the UK can unlock opportunities for economic development, increased living standards, and overall growth. He wants to eliminate the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), scrap the congestion charge on weekends and holidays, review speed limits and low-traffic neighborhoods (LTNs), and focus on affordable housing.

As per the release, Tarun Ghulati has extensive experience in banking and financial services, both globally and in London, positioning him as a visionary leader. He has a strong family legacy of public service, spanning over 140 years, which has deeply influenced his values of humility, respect, hard work, integrity, and trust. He is known for advocating mentorship and entrepreneurship and supporting startups and scale-ups in various countries. His extensive involvement in various boards, committees, and organizations, along with his commitment to community engagement, can potentially help Ghulati create a London where opportunities are abundant and accessible to all.

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