Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi awarded with Paul Simon Public Service Award


Illinois Hunger Coalition honors him for His Anti-Hunger Efforts

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Washington, DC

Earlier this fall, the Illinois Hunger Coalition (IHC) honored Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi with its Paul Simon Public Service Award in recognition of his efforts in support of anti-hunger programs. Krishnamoorthi accepted the award with a commitment to do even more to wipe out the prevailing hunger in society.

“I want to say a special thank you for this special honor that the Illinois Hunger Coalition has bestowed upon me. I want to thank all of you. You’ve been helping and serving Illinois since 1988, a remarkable 35 years of helping people with their food insecurity,” said Krishnamoorthi.

“You’ve been protecting programs vital to Americans including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and others, and I know the importance of these programs because I myself have benefited from them when my parents first came to this country. Unfortunately, during the recession of 1973, my father lost his income and employment but thanks to the generosity of the American people, we were allowed to be on food stamps and in public housing. After my parents were able to get back on their feet economically, we never forgot how important these programs were to our well-being, and that’s why I fight every single day to make sure that SNAP and other programs like it are there for the next people who need it,” he added.

He expressed gratitude to the Illinois Hunger Coalition and thanked all for standing strong with the Coalition and allowing him to be a part of this great effort in shaping and forming what he could. He thanked for this incredible honor.

The Illinois Hunger Coalition (IHC) seeks to #EndHungerNow and end hunger’s underlying causes through community organizing, advocating for progressive public policies, and public education. Founded in 1988, the IHC is a state-wide anti-hunger advocacy organization.

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