Top doctors share information at webinar on Covid-19 hosted by National AIA

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The Indian American Forum under the auspices of Indu Jaiswal, President, Bobby Kumar Kalotee, Founder, and Beena Kothari hosted an online seminar on Sunday December 27, 2020. Called “An Informative Session on Global Covid-19 2021”, the event was organized and conducted by Dr Bhavani Srinivasan, a Pediatric and Public health physician.

The extremely informative session featured 4 eminent speakers. 

Dr Mani Srinivasan, Infectious diseases specialist, had handled various infectious diseases, including SARS and Ebola, in different parts of the globe. He talked about the immunization vaccines for Covid-19 now recently made available from Pfizer and Moderna, their efficacy, mechanism of action, and safety profile.

Dr Inderpal Chhabra an internist, practicing in the Long Island area, gave information on the 2 types of monoclonal antibody infusions available. When they should be instituted, mechanism of action, duration of effect. Monoclonal antibodies along with regeneron was the cocktail administered to President Trump on Day 1, after he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The next physician was Dr Yashpal Arya, a well-known Gastroenterologist.  Dr Arya gave the audience substantial information on the GI manifestations of Covid-19. Many patients suffer from weight loss due to the mRNA virus infecting and affecting the GI tract. Dehydration and malnutrition can and does occur with the infection.

The final speaker was Dr Nilesh Patel, an internist practicing in Jamaica, Queens. Dr Patel is an active member of BAPS Temple. He had been involved with Covid infected patients right from March 2020. The doctor gave his viewpoint of the virus, from his experience and talked about patients getting the vaccine, as well as the vaccine per se.

The Zoom Seminar was hosted by Mrs. Beena Kothari, President of GOPIO. Dr Urmilesh Arya, President of National AIA addressed the need of such ongoing seminars for creating awareness in the community.  Several Community Leaders and distinguished members were in attendance. It was extremely important for Community to hear from the Professionals Re Covid -19 Vaccine, treatment and prevention.  The audience voiced their appreciation and asked a lot of questions of the panel and participated in the discussion. The organizers thanked and appreciated the presentation made by such distinguished physicians.

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