Jain community awards highest honor to White House AANHPI Commissioner Ajay Bhutoria


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Ajay Bhutoria has been conferred the Acharya Maha Pragya Pratibha award, the highest Jain community recognition in recognition of his accomplishments as a community leader, an advisor to the President of the United States for the Asian American Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Commission, an author and an entrepreneur from California,. 

The award ceremony was blessed by Parampujya Achayya Mahasharman in an event in Mumbai recently. The grand event saw the participation of over 5,000 Jain community leaders from across the globe, uniting to honor a distinguished figure.

“Mr. Ajay Bhutoria’s unwavering commitment has played a pivotal role in reshaping the trajectory of US-India relations. His tireless efforts have been instrumental in fostering a strengthened partnership between these two influential nations. Of particular note is the significant policy change regarding H1B visa stamping, which is now allowed within the United States”, the press release said.

Serving as an Advisor to President Biden for the Asian American Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Commission, Ajay Bhutoria holds a key position in shaping transformative policies. His role as the co-chair of the Economic Subcommittee, along with his influential memberships in various subcommittees, is a testament to his ability to craft policies with far-reaching implications for future generations. His recommendations, which have been adopted by the White House, USCIS, and the State Department, underscore his enduring impact on the world stage.

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