Edison Mayor Joshi takes stringent measures to address rising crime rate


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Edison, NJ

Acknowledging a significant increase in crime rates across the country and a wave of car thefts in New Jersey, Mayor Sam Joshi recently announced a number of new initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety and security of all residents.

“We are taking these challenges very seriously as a threat to our public safety,” said Mayor Joshi. “Edison is not a place where criminals can take advantage of people because we will not allow it to happen. I want to thank Police Chief Bryan and the entire Edison Police Department for doing the necessary work to protect our families, our homes, and our town.”

Mayor Joshi and his administration have initiated a series of comprehensive measures including

Increased Police Patrolling: The Edison Police Department has been directed to significantly increase patrolling throughout the town. This enhanced surge in police presence aims to deter criminals from endangering our neighborhoods and creates a safer environment for all residents.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The administration has leveraged state-of-the-art technology to curtail crime effectively. Over 70 license plate readers have been strategically installed throughout Edison. These devices track stolen vehicles and license plates, allowing for the interception of criminal activity before it occurs. This technology has already proven highly effective and will see expansion in both new locations and device numbers.

Advanced 9-1-1 System: An advanced 9-1-1 system has been installed, enabling dispatchers to send a real-time video link to callers in distress. This innovative system ensures that the police department gains critical information before arriving at the scene, enhancing response and situational awareness.

Community Vigilance: Civilian public safety employees and vehicles have been directed to be on alert for suspicious activity, promoting community involvement in maintaining security.

The Township is dramatically increasing manpower for patrolling our neighborhoods, ensuring more officers are on the streets in order to actively deter crime.

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