A unique global collaboration celebrating Women’s Shakti through a powerful anthem by Neha Lohia featuring an international ensemble


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Filmmaker Neha Lohia joins forces with acclaimed actress Rituparna Sengupta, sensational award-winning singer Swapnali Gaikwad, and a team of globally renowned artists and technicians to present a groundbreaking music video and song, “Devi Song: Unmasked Goddess – A Journey of Empowerment.”

This remarkable project unites talents from around the world to celebrate the power of the feminine in all its forms and is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Neha Lohia, the visionary director behind the project, conceptualized, produced, and directed the music video, infusing it with her passion for women’s empowerment.

The video’s international cast includes National award-winning actress from Bengal India, Rituparna Sengupta as the main protagonist (Shakti), Switzerland’s TV sensation Ankita Makwana as the Inner Dark Goddess, American Model Christine Mendes as the Inner Light Goddess, Hollywood actress Holly Zuelle as the Inner Warrior Goddess, award-winning classical dancer Nirupama Chandrashekhar as the Inner Dancer, 93-year-old classically trained Indranila as the Inner Ancestor, and baby Elina Annmary Kurian as the Inner Child all playing various facets of the same protagonist, Shakti. This diverse ensemble of talent represents the multifaceted nature of the feminine spirit, both globally and within each individual.

Swapnali Gaikwad, the gifted singer of the song, collaborated with the uber-talented musician, composer, and lyricist Rajan Sarvade to create a resonant and evocative composition that perfectly complements the video’s message. Their deep understanding of Neha Lohia’s vision helped shape the song into a powerful anthem for women everywhere and for eternity.

The video showcases the chaos of modern life. As the masked protagonist woman journeys through these busy cities of the outer world, she turns inwards to journey in her own inner realms where she encounters a young girl, a little version of herself, and her simple yet profound act of unmasking sparks a transformative journey for Shakti the protagonist.

The video culminates in a breathtaking dance of empowerment by Shakti, surrounded by swirling bursts of red as a powerful symbol of Shakti that she is and that all women are.

“Nari Shakti is the embodiment of the divine feminine, and through ‘Devi Song: Unmasked Goddess,’ we pay homage to the Adi Shakti, the mother goddess who resides in every woman. This project is an invitation to drop all weapons, drop all masks, unleash the boundlessness of the all-encompassing integrated feminine, and embrace the Shakti that lies within us all. I hope this musical odyssey inspires women to walk in this world in grace and heal it with their whole presence of the integrated self.” Said Neha Lohia.

This project carries added significance as the lead actress, Rituparna Sengupta, hails from Bengal, where Durga Puja holds immense cultural importance. Rituparna Sengupta said “This project ‘Devi Song: Unmasked Goddess – A Journey of Empowerment’ is a Unique Global Collaboration Celebrating Women’s Shakti Through a Powerful Anthem and Music Video by Neha and it features me as Shakti who represents every woman and brings forth every emotion, fear, and aspect of “her,” Hollywood actress Holly Zuelle, Switzerland TV’s sensational actress Ankita Makwana, American Model Christine Mendes, Award-winning Indian-American Classical Dancer Nirupama Chandrasekaran, 93-year-old Indranila, and baby Elina Annmary Kurian all joined me to bring alive my own inner integration while filming was done in New York under the direction of Neha and the powerful Music is created in India merging some of the world’s best technicians. It is such a powerful message and I am happy to be part of this vision coming alive.”

Neha Lohia’s “Devi Song: Unmasked Goddess – A Journey of Empowerment” transcends boundaries, unites cultures, and inspires women to shed their masks and embrace their inner strength. It is a visual and auditory celebration of women’s empowerment, timed perfectly with the goddess festival of Navratri in India.

With its release on 20th October “Devi Song” is bound to take audiences on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment, reminding all to unmask the goddess within.

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