‘Humble By Your Service’ lends helping hand to needy


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Every organization or person has its own journey. The journey of ‘Humble By Your Service’ actually started very humbly. It started with helping a family with daily meals for around two weeks, when the family was impacted with COVID. Though the start was small, the group which came together realized the potential of making a qualitative impact on the lives of people.
Today, this group has over 30 volunteers, and completed nine different missions involving missions related to food drives, women, and foster kids. The motto of the organization is “Filling the voids of the society and we are all in this together” and believes in inclusion from all cultures, according to a statement from the organization.

This has been demonstrated by collaborating with multiple local community organizations to aid people from all religion and cultures. Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and share a meal. We understand that there are families who are facing hardships in these difficult times.

‘Humbled By Your Service’ is blessed to associate with Bible Fellowship Church to donate non-perishable food and kids clothing. “Hopefully, this will help to bring in smile and happiness to some of the families. Today, we gave food to feed 100 families and 3000 diapers as part 1 of this mission. The journey of ‘Humbled By Your Service’ has just started and hope to make it a long haul,” said the statement.

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