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The Indo-American Arts Council has announced the “Erasing Borders” dance festival, two live performances on September 23 and 24 at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, and one virtual performance on September 25 featuring legendary artist Padma Shri Malavika Sarukkai, along with a lecture and a panel discussion. Since its founding 25 years ago, the Indo-American Arts Council has been dedicated to presenting concerts of distinguished artists in performances and lectures, and to furthering the knowledge and living practices of the arts of the Indian sub-continent. IAAC continues to serve as the preeminent organization acting as the cultural bridge between the USA and India.

All events will take place at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, with the exception of Monday, September 25 event.

Saturday, September 23, 6 PM – Program A

Ganesh Stuti Dance by Jiva Performing Arts

Founded in 2007 by celebrated artists dancer/choreographer Sonali Skandan and music Bala Skandan, Jiva’s mission is to develop and present new voices in the classical arts of India.   

Amuktha Samudrala and Prarthana Prashanth/choreographed by Hema Rajagopalan: Bharatanatyam

The artists will perform a new duet “Search Within,” telling the story of a soul’s personal search, told through both traditional and abstract new movements.    

Vivek Ramanan, Aarthy Sundar, Surya Ravi: Bharatanatyam

“Vazhi – On Different Paths,” from the South Asian epic the Ramayana – is an exploration of the siblings of Ravana: Shoorpanaka, Vibhishana, and Kumbakarna.

Malavika Sarukkai: Bharatanatyam

The passionate path-breaking artist performs “Kala – Time,” which deals with structure and freedom in pure dance (nritta) and expressive dance (abhinaya) through the expanding language of Bharatanatyam. The dance highlights both movement and silence, precision and flow, the worldly and spiritual, finite and infinite.

Sunday, September 24, Workshop at 2 PM, Performance at 6 PM

Dance Workshop by Malavika Sarukkai at 2 PM

The 2-hour workshop is designed for dancers with 10 or more years of experience and looks at the core of Bharatanatyam with a focus on body, mind, space, and awareness. 

Sunday, September 24 Performance at 6 PM  – Program B

Vivarta Arts: Ganesh Vandana

Artistic Directors Preya Patel and Vaishali Trivedi bring rich experience to their work as they promote Indian classical dance and music through their educational work in performances, community programs, charity work, and NY public school appearances.

Navia Natarajan:  Bharatanatyam

A whirling vortex of energy and grace, Natarajan’s dance was inspired by a personal tragedy. The artist delved into the idea of Paradox, which ultimately found expression in dance.

Shivani Badgi and Group: Lavani

The nine-member company of dancers and musicians transforms traditional Indian folk style from the state of Maharashtra into a happy harmony of music, poetry, rhythm, and love. Badgi and Group with stories of lovers past, with joy and sadness.

Sonali Loomba and Nidhika Loomba: Kathak

In “Limitless Love,” the artist’s wish is to follow the call of a voice within – a voice that whispers of the Divine, of union with The One. The Voice speaks of total and pure love as the only path to divine power.

Manish Chauhan: Contemporary

Igal Perry choreographed “Meditations on an Open Road,” for Chauhan at the invitation of the Bowen-McCauley Dance Company for their appearance at the Kennedy Center. Set to the song Mera Joota Hai Japani, the solo combines contemporary dance with hints of traditional Indian movement.

Project Convergence

Conceived in 2019 by Vikas Arun and Ramita Ravi, Project Convergence boldly unites Bharatanatyam with Western tap dance.

Monday, September 25, all events free to the public

Live Panel Discussion at 11:30 AM led by Professor Uttara Coorlawala

Lecture – demonstration with Malavika Sarukkai at 6 PM

Online Performance of Program C at 7 PM

11:30 AM – 12:55 PM Panel Discussion at Barnard College/Columbia U, Room 409 Barnard Hall.

Professor Uttara Coorlawala and performers from the September 24th performance will engage in a panel discussion. Open to the public.

6 PM at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts/ Bruno Walter Auditorium, 111 Amsterdam Avenue

Hridya Haridas: Mohinlyattam

“Amba” is the dramatic story of the happy princess, the daughter of the King of Kasi, who fell in love in her youth with King Salwa.  Sadly, fate prevented her from marrying King Salwa and she committed suicide, only to be reborn as Shikhandi.

Krishnakshi Kashyap and Group: Sattriya

A saga of Mother Earth, “Prokriti” celebrates the beauty of the Earth – the stars and the moon, the flora and fauna, trees and the animal kingdom, and more – speaking of the need for human action to protect the environment.

Urja Desai Thakore: Kathak

The short dance-theatre work depicts the protagonist finding solace in Kabir’s poetry while confronting the loss of a family matriarch.  Originally commissioned by UTKARSH 2015, an initiative to support the creation of new Indian classical choreography.

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