A well-known Sikh martial arts coach is the proud recipient of the US Presidential award


This award is in recognition of Singh’s work to preserve and promote indigenous games in the US

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New York City, NY

Dr. Deep Singh, a New York-based environment, health, and safety (EHS) expert who has tirelessly worked to popularize traditional games in the US, has been honored with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award 2023. He is also an Interfaith leader.

A  martial arts instructor, Singh serves as the secretary-general of the World Gatka Federation (WGF)-an Apex International organization to preserve, promote, and popularize Gatka-Sikh Martial Art, also known as an ancient martial art of India.

Singh is an active participant in organizing community programs across the United States in an effort to bring people from diverse backgrounds together. This award is an acknowledgment of not only his commitment to the community but also his work to preserve and promote indigenous games.

“I have been teaching and promoting this form of art which holds deep cultural and historical significance. I am helping young kids to tackle bullying in the educational institutes and teaching the young generation the values of discipline, self-defense, and spirituality despite the modern challenges of cultural preservation and keeping traditions alive,” Singh said.

Singh, born in Chandigarh, India has been volunteering with United Sikhs, a United Nations-affiliated organization that provides humanitarian aid, education, human development, and advocacy to marginalized communities all over the world. Moreover, he assists the community police force as a volunteer and actively contributes to blood and food drives.

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