National American and Indian Chamber of Commerce (NAICCO) Pioneers Trade and Commerce between America and India


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Four enterprising and curious minds who are keen to bring American and Indian business closer in Trade Relations and also to support small and medium level businesses in the USA in this digitally revolutionized era, when most of these businesses are not updated with the speed of the internet and the AI revolution. They developed the idea further and discussed it with institutions of repute and formed the “National American and Indian Chamber of Commerce” (NAICCO) standing tall as a beacon of collaboration, uniting the entrepreneurial spirits of America and India. NAICCO with a mission to foster robust trade and commerce relations, has emerged as a vital platform facilitating business growth and cooperation between the two great nations.

Intensely helped by Rutgers University in New Jersey during its inception, NAICCO received prestigious recognition, solidifying its stature as a credible entity committed to promoting bilateral economic ties. NAICCO has the status of a National level Chamber of Commerce, having support and acceptance from the office of Commerce Secretary in Washington DC. This partnership underscored NAICCO’s dedication to navigating regulatory landscapes and fostering favorable conditions for business operations. NAICCO is presently under discussion to form a chapter in Virginia and Maryland to help business units have a dynamic platform that can help them better interact with their respective state authorities.

At its core, NAICCO aims to cultivate strong relationships with governmental bodies in both America and India, bridging the gap between policymakers and business leaders. Through advocacy and representation, NAICCO champions the interests of its members, ensuring their voices are heard on both sides of the border. NAICCO has a dynamic Board of Trustees headed by Mr. Subir Saha, Chairman, Mr. Kam Patel, Vice Chairman, Mr. Ernest Bagley, General Secretary and Mr. Ramu Gangadharan as CFO. while their Board of Advisors is from the top of the institutes and Business units.

Since its establishment, NAICCO has served as a vital conduit for business owners, offering a platform for collaboration and support within the American Indian business diaspora. With a diverse array of sectors represented, including Technology, Real Estate, Hospitality, Energy, and Healthcare, NAICCO empowers its members with exclusive opportunities and resources to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, NAICCO has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a membership of over 300 business owners within just two years. This exponential rise is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in NAICCO’s ability to foster meaningful connections and drive tangible results.

Presently NAICCO is arranging for a Trade Mission to three states in India and with some Indian and American Entrepreneurs leaving for a trade mission to Panama in the last week of May and June 2024 respectively.

NAICCO proudly celebrates its remarkable journey, which continues to catalyze economic growth and collaboration between America and India. Being future-ready, NAICCO remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering prosperity and fostering enduring partnerships between the two great nations. NAICCO welcomes members from community and state businesses to foster growth dynamics.

Visit the NAICCO website for more information about its initiatives and Trustees and Directors, who are about to have regular arrangements for bi-monthly meetings with the Office of Commerce Secretary to foster relations with the Indian business community through the Economic Development Authority.

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  1. Nitin S says:

    Excellent platform created by NAICCO founders to help improve trade and collaboration between two great democracies!!

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