77th Independence Day of India: IBA hosts the 19th India Day Parade with a great show


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Edison, New Jersey

IBA Oaktree Road celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with great pomp and show. Famous film star Tamanna Bhatia was the grand Marshall as the community lined up along the famous road in Edison and Iselin in New Jersey.

Mayor John McCormick and other officials graced the event to congratulate the community on the biggest celebration of India’s independence in New Jersey. The theme of spreading peace was marked with the participation of UGCOA led by pastor MacWana.

The parade was made colorful with floats by local businesses, including TV Asia, Diyacare, and others. The evening was celebrated near Marconi Plaza with an entertainment program where Chairman Chandrakant Patel, President Dhiren Amin, Vice Chairman Mahesh Mehta, and Manher Shah with community leaders addressed the audience.

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