Indian EYE, RADIO ZINDAGI & JEE PUNJABI launch new studios and office in Long Island, New York


The media group, led by Sunil Hali, promises to provide a live facility for music, talks and newsroom; top public officials and community leaders attend the opening of media lounge

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Long Island, NY

Tuesday, December 20, 2022, will be recorded in history as a red-letter day when Nassau Country Executive declared it as the INDIAN EYE DAY. Long Islanders in New York celebrated the launch of Radio Zindagi & JEE PUNJABI Studio and prestigious The Indian EYE Newsweekly in Hicksville.

With top public officials in presence, including GOP Chairman Joe Cairo, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, Suffolk County Deputy Executive John Kaiman, Dr. Varun Jeph, Deputy Consul General in New York, the promoters Sunil Hali and Nilesh Dasondi and the entire team announced the launch of their media lounge in the most popular public place at the Kundan Galleria in Hicksville.

More than 100 community leaders attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony after the traditional prayers in the new home of multiple media platforms that are the voice and choice of the community. Welcoming the group, Mr. Blakeman presented the proclamation to promoters. Chairman Cairo congratulated the community on their success and contributions to the growth of the region. Mr. Kaiman said he looks with County Executive team to connect with community in Suffolk County to build economic and cultural development. 

Dr. Varun Jeph from Indian Consulate was beaming to see a strong connect with the community through prestigious media platforms offered by the group especially when India is growing into a major global power.

Radio Zindagi on WBWD 540 AM has become the single-most followed media in New York since it was launched in November 2019. The broadcast station is a 10000 watt and covers NY, NJ & CT areas 24X7. Community leaders including, leading business owners greeted the initiative. Shudh Parkash Singh, who is at the frontline in every initiative in New York and Indian diaspora in the US, said the opening of the new lounge was very timely as South Asians are entering in public life while mainstream is looking at diaspora as game changers. 

Dr. Nirmal Mattoo, who founded India Chair at Stonybrook, said the Indian EYE Newsweekly is a great initiative and helps connect with India and Indian diaspora. With the weekly growing in three formats — print, digital and epaper — the reach is growing across the US.

Every community leader, including Mohinder Taneja, a veteran in public life among others, said Radio Zindagi engages the diaspora through its quality content. They played big role during pandemic through live talk shows covering healthcare critical issues to inform on developments.  Radio Zindagi and the Indian EYE have been in the forefront with strong CSR mandate towards community in the past two decades. 

The media group, led by Sunil Hali, promises to provide a live facility for music, talks and newsroom. The multiplier effect helps for a huge reach through different yet integrated media including fast growing JEE PUNJABI which serves the second largest segment of Indian community. 

The facility is expected to be fully operational within a month. It also integrates with national operations in New Jersey, California and Washington DC and global operations out of India. 

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