X reduces eligibility threshold for ad revenue sharing


Musk and Zuckerberg’s war of words over cage fight escalates

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Tech giant X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday announced a new update to their Ads Revenue program for creators, reducing the minimum amounts of impressions needed from 15M to 5M.

The company tweeted from its official handle, “Now, even more people can get paid to post! We’ve lowered the eligibility threshold for ads revenue sharing from 15M to 5M impressions within the last 3 months. We’ve also lowered the minimum payout threshold from $50 to $10. Sign up for a Premium subscription to get access.”

X has also lowered its payment threshold from USD 5O to USD 10.
Elon Musk on the other hand shared some more information regarding the new update and tweeted, “This essentially means that X Premium (fka Twitter Blue) is free for accounts that generate above 5M views. Note, only views from verified handles count, as scammers will otherwise use bots to spam views to infinity.”

Previously, the micro-blogging site required users to have a minimum of 15 million impressions within three months to qualify for ad revenue sharing.
According to The Verge, an American Technology news website, Musk announced the revenue-sharing plan in February, and the company sent out the first round of payments for eligible accounts (with paid verification via Twitter Blue or Verified organizations, 15 million “organic” impressions in the last three months, and at least 500 followers) a couple of weeks ago before opening up registration to more people.

Meanwhile, a day after Tesla CEO Musk claimed that his and Zuckerberg’s fight will be live-streamed on X as well as Meta’s platforms and will likely take place in Italy, the Meta owner dropped a statement on Threads. He requested netizens not to buy into whatever the Tesla CEO says.

“I love this sport and I’ve been ready to fight since the day Elon challenged me. If he ever agrees on an actual date, you’ll hear it from me. Until then, please assume anything he says has not been agreed on,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Zuckerberg further said that was not holding his breath for Musk and will share the details of the fight when he is ready. He added, “Not holding my breath for Elon, but I’ll share details on my next fight when I’m ready. When I compete, I want to do it in a way that puts a spotlight on the elite athletes at the top of the game. You do that by working with professional orgs like the UFC or ONE to pull this off well and create a great card.”

Musk took notice of Zuckerberg’s post and reacted to it with a series of tweets.
“If Zuck my really wants a lesson in why there are weight categories in fighting so badly, I could just head over to his house next week and teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget…Otherwise, we will do it as soon as the arena in Italy is ready,” Musk wrote.

“Or we could do both and consider next week just a practice session,” he added.

It is to be noted that the tech billionaires agreed to a “cage match” face-off in late June. It all began when Musk tweeted that he would be “up for a cage match” with Zuckerberg, who has trained in jiujitsu.

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