Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar leads rally for Biden to address migrant influx


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South Queens, NY

On Monday, July 31, Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar (D-AD 38) brought together a city-wide coalition to rally for President Joseph Biden to lead a robust and comprehensive response to address the migrant influx in New York City. The coalition consists of elected officials across the city, unions, employers, faith leaders, community leaders, shelter providers, and migrants themselves.

The city-wide coalition of leaders is calling for the President to 1) Declare a state of emergency, 2) Expedite work authorization to let asylum seekers work, 3) Implement a decompression strategy at the southern border, and 4) Provide more funding and resources to New York City. 

This rally follows the release of a letter signed by 54 elected officials from every borough, community, and corner of New York City urging the President to take urgent action, calling this moment “one of the most significant humanitarian crises New York City has ever faced” and saying the city is at “a breaking point.”

Assemblywoman Rajkumar said, “We are standing together as one New York to ask President Biden to help our city. New Yorkers take pride in welcoming immigrants, but the current unstructured state of immigration policy and response must end. There needs to be a system of common sense rules in place to manage the unprecedented influx of asylum seekers. There must be more federal support for New York City. New York City cannot face this crisis alone. We need help from President Biden immediately.”

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