IOCUSA welcomes stay on Rahul Gandhi’s conviction


George Abraham hails the Indian Supreme Court’s decision to stay Rahul Gandhi’s conviction as an epic event.

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Chicago, IL

George Abraham, the Vice-Chair of the Indian Overseas Congress in the USA, has defined the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to stay Rahul Gandhi’s conviction, as an event of significant importance. Further, he requested the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to annul Gandhi’s disqualification so that Gandhi could continue to represent the people in the Parliament who have overwhelmingly elected him.

“This was a calculated effort on the part of the powers that want to silence a voice that has shown immense courage in confronting this administration on its misgovernance. It was indeed a blot on democracy and freedom of expression, and by staying the conviction, the Supreme Court has once again pointed to the affirmation of that right,” said George Abraham.

One often wonders if Rahul Gandhi is such an ineffective and failed leader, so how come BJP is so focused on targeting him. The truth beacons as he is one of the few at the forefront to expose the duplicity and wrongdoings of this administration. In reality, Gandhi is unafraid in exposing corruption at the highest levels and confront even the Prime Minister on issues like Rafale’s purchase or the Adani scam inside the Indian parliament. Going through all this, Gandhi might have paid a very high price for that, as per the press release.

As the disqualification was done at lightning speed, IOCUSA would only hope Gandhi’s reinstatement would follow in a similar manner.

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