Global Indians: Sikhs lauded for their role in community service and contribution in diverse fields in Singapore


Singapore’s Deputy PM Wong spoke while attending the celebration dinner for the 75th anniversary of the Sikh Advisory Board

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Singaporean Sikhs have taken a place of pride in society by distinguishing themselves in their selected professions and having worked to make significant contributions in various fields of significance and at the same continuing with their culture, faith, and unique identity, said Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Lawrence Wong.

“Whether it is in the civil service or the uniformed services, the judiciary, business, sports or many other professions, Sikhs are well represented, excelling and taking on leadership positions,” he claimed in front of the community.

“From the government’s perspective, we certainly appreciate and value this very close collaboration with the community. Compared to other communities you may be small in number, but your contribution to Singapore is out of proportion to your number,” added the minister.

“You have all distinguished yourselves in your chosen professions and made significant contributions in diverse fields…Crucially, Sikhs have done all this in Singapore while retaining their culture, faith, and unique identity,” he announced in front of the proud community gathered there.

Wong was in attendance and addressed the 75th-anniversary celebration dinner of the Sikh Advisory Board (SAB) last Sunday.

Lawrence Wong praised the role of the Sikh Advisory Board for guiding the state on matters concerning the community, be it religion, customs, or overall welfare issues. He was clearly appreciative of the board’s candid perspectives and views on the same.

“So, even though you may be an Advisory Board, I assure you the government listens to your advice and takes it very seriously.

“The Board has also been instrumental in mediating disputes as those relating to employment practices to ensure that Sikhs continue to observe the key tenets of their faith,” he proclaimed.

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