Hirsh Singh announces his candidature for the US Presidential bid


38-year-old Singh is the 3rd Indian-American to vie for the US Presidential Election race by declaring that “America needs more”.

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Atlantic City, NJ

Hirsh Vardhan Singh, an Indian American from New Jersey made headlines after making the announcement to run for the candidacy for US President in the 2024 Elections as a Republican nominee. An engineer by profession he has run for several offices like the New Jersey governor post and has now become the 3rd Indian-American to run the race for the Republican nomination for 2024 US Presidential polls.

The other two Indian Americans who have thrown their hats in the ring are Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, from the same party.

Singh, 38, claims to be a “lifelong Republican” and a very strong advocate of the “America First” policy which is a conservative ideology by discussing his earlier role in re-establishing the conservative wing within the Republican Party of New Jersey.

Singh, in a 3-minute-long video post on X, spoke at length about the Republican agenda that has gathered steam, casting doubts about “experimental” vaccines, the threats to the “free” ethos of America, “schools being centers of indoctrination”, and called former US President Donald Trump “the greatest President of my lifetime,” by declaring that “America needs more”.

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