Saree Walkathon being organized in London


The event marks the celebration of India’s National Handloom Day to honor the ‘Swadeshi’ Movement

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A UK-based women’s organization is planning to organize a first-of-its-kind celebration of Indian weaves in time for National Handloom Day next month with a Saree Walkathon.

About 500 saree-clad women of different origins and representing different states of India will be seen draped in diverse colorful weaves, walking past some of the iconic landmarks of the UK’s capital London.

August 7 was chosen as the National Handloom Day to commemorate the ‘Swadeshi’ movement, which was launched on the same date in 1905, and was based on Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s ideology of Swadeshi. This event pays homage to India’s freedom fighters and handloom weavers who have played a crucial role in the Indian struggle for independence.

The Saree walkathon will take place in central London, starting at Trafalgar Square towards Parliament Square, on August 6 – a day before National Handloom Day in India.

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