Business Strategy with Hirav Shah: The LAW OF POLARITY — How it works for Business and Life


Once you believe your goals, objectives and dreams are possible for you, take action (Representative photo)

What is the Law of Polarity?

The Law of Polarity states that, in our world, there is an opposite for everything; this is needed for balance in our Universe.

In other words, the principle of polarity is that– everything has got two “poles”:

  • evil and good,
  • hate and love,
  • disconnection and attraction.
  • Think of the South and the North Poles on a globe with its positive and negative terminals.

Everything in the cosmos has an opposite. All things are dual. And it’s what lets us experience life to the maximum and value the good in the world.

How does the Law of Polarity work?

For every damn activity or gesture or deed or action, there is an equal and opposite response. This sums up perfectly the law of polarity. It means that forces come in pairs: positive and negative, reaction and action, feminine and masculine. You can not only bring up definite energies within yourself, but also use the law of polarity to draw other forces and powers to you – like a magnet.

Could you know contentment without sadness? Is there love without agony? Gloom without light? And, is there sexual attraction without opposing energies in relationships? Opposites attract…right and that’s where sexual polarity comes into play.

What is the importance of the Law of Polarity in Business ?

A polarity in business is a circumstance in which opposing forces within a system pull at each other to balance out stuff.

In business, decentralisation vs centralization or growth versus profit maximisation, are very common examples of polarities.

Pondering in terms of polarities is a crucial shift, business leaders need to make to steer complexity, and is a significant element of any leader strategy for growth and development.

How entrepreneurs can utilise the Law of Polarity in business?

In entrepreneurship, even if you don’t have everything you desire, wish, want, aspire and dream today, it can be right around the corner because it literally already exists! Hell, yes.

Finally, you surely want to know the most important part of this process? And that is: once you believe your goals, objectives and dreams are possible for you, take action. Yes, massive action.

How to enhance productivity in Business with the help of the Law of Polarity?

In businesses or if you are a businessman or at work, for you to be able to take on good habits, you have to drop the bad ones. The old one has got to go, for something new to come.

When you do away with the bad to leave room for the good, applying the Law of Attraction, you are using the Law of Polarity to your own merit or advantage in business, because the Universe hates a vacuum.

When you do away with something, you are making space for something else.  What is emptied must also be filled. You can indeed use the Law of Polarity to your own benefits in business.

How does the Law of Polarity work in life and relationships?

Masculine Energy

  •   Masculine energy grows through difficulties.
  •   Folks with masculine energy tend to be stronger, vision-driven problem-solvers seeking release from the restraints of being.
  •   They are competitive and can have trouble articulating emotions – yet they want to feel valued in relationships.

Feminine Energy

  •  Those with feminine energy are more free and open, ready to receive and give love.
  • Feminine energies want to be understood and noticed, and their loving nature can make them stay for too long in associations.

Final Thoughts:

You must first correct your underlying limiting beliefs, to master the law of polarity and apply it to each and every facet of your life.

It’s a complicated world we live in – and the human mind is even super complicated. But if there is one thing or one principle or one truth that comes close to making sense of it all, it’s the law of polarity. Yes, only the law of polarity.


1. List down 3 evil and 3 good things in your life and business

2. List down 3 things you hate most and 3 things you love most in your life and business

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