‘Millet Woman of India’ in US to raise awareness about Millet


Sharmila Oswal’s visit was to launch the India Millet mission and propagate the benefits of consuming Millet

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Plainsboro, NJ

Highlighting the urgent need to increase awareness about millets for healthy and sustainable living, social entrepreneur Sharmila Oswal, founder president of the Green Energy Foundation visited the US for 10 days, to launch the India millet mission and increase awareness about the health and economic benefits of consuming millet.

Oswal is famously known as the ‘Millet Woman of India’ and has been championing the cause of smart farming and millet cultivation for the last 22 years.

Oswal interacted with community leaders and officials to further the cause of millet and its immense benefits during her US trip. She was felicitated by the Rotary Club of Plainsboro, North and South Brunswick. Oswal emphasized that India is fast evolving as a millet hub of the world and the announcement of the year 2023 as the International Year of Millet by the UN is very encouraging for the farming community and population that depends on Millet.

Oswal has been a familiar name in India for the millet mission who has been working tirelessly for the last 22 years. She has been championing the cause of millet and raising awareness about one of India’s staple crops.

Millet, a group of coarse grains cultivated and consumed in the Indian subcontinent for over 5,000 years, has proven higher medicinal benefits than other grains like wheat and rice, which is a carbon-neutral, climate-friendly, and water-friendly crop.

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