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“At ITServe, our commitment to the community goes beyond the ITServe family,” said Samba Movva, Director of ITServe Alliance’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). “We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, ensuring that no one is left behind. Through our initiatives focused on education, healthcare, and basic needs, we strive to uplift those facing adversity and create a more equitable society.”

Founded in 2010, ITServe Alliance is the largest association of Information Technology Services Organizations functioning across the United States. Established with the objective of being the collective voice of all Information Technology companies with similar interests in the United States, ITServe Alliance has evolved as a resourceful and respected platform to collaborate and initiate measures in the direction of protecting common interests and ensuring collective success.

Vinay Mahajan, President of ITServe Alliance said, “Our ability to empower our local communities is strengthened by the generous donations by our leadership and member organizations. They play a crucial role in the success of our programs. Our partners play a vital role in helping us broaden our reach and positively impact the lives of the lesser fortunate in our communities by helping us broaden our reach. I am proud that this respected platform is today more accessible and worthy of your time spent for the common benefit and serving the communities in need across the Chapters through our CSR programs and initiatives,” Mahajan added.

According to Vinod Babu Uppu, Governing Board Chair, “ITServe CSR Team members are unwavering in their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to give back to local communities across the country. The ITServe CSR vision is empowering local communities through Education and Training, Creating local employment, and supporting our first responders.”

Over the years, ITServe Alliance has established a name for itself as the center point of information for its members and the larger community, covering a variety of areas ranging from immigration, technology, economy, and many more that are relevant to its members. ITServe has 20 Chapters in several states across the United States, bringing resources and service to the larger humanity in every part of this innovative country.

Jagadeesh Mosali, President-Elect of ITServe said, “We are committed to empowering local communities through STEM advocacy, educating the underprivileged, feeding the hungry, supporting our veterans and first responders, and recognizing our community heroes. ITServe CSR would like to give back to our local communities through various charitable programs.”

Through the non-STEM CSR programs, a broader approach for ITServe is aimed at addressing social challenges beyond the STEM realm. “We actively engage in initiatives that support education, healthcare, and community development, among other areas.”

ITServe encourages and facilitates member engagement in volunteer activities, enabling them to contribute their skills, expertise, time, and resources, ensuring that they collectively make a significant and lasting impact. “By leveraging our collective efforts, we make a meaningful impact on local communities and societal well-being with the objective of making a positive and lasting difference in the areas that matter most to us,” Movva said.

ITServe has set an ambitious goal for this year, to reach a remarkable milestone of 6,000 volunteer hours, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to serving humanity.

In addition, the organization of multi-talented individuals has set targets of awarding 100 STEM scholarships, providing life-changing opportunities to deserving individuals, and offering 20 STEM internships to foster practical learning experiences. “Through our dedicated STEM training programs, we aspire to empower and educate a diverse group of individuals, reaching 100 participants this year,” Movva added.

“Together, we form an extraordinary team, united in our mission to achieve our CSR goals for 2023 and beyond. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such exceptional individuals, all working diligently to create a positive impact and shape a better future for those we serve,” Movva said. “Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. Our approach not only amplifies our impact but also fosters a strong sense of community within ITSERVE. We are proud to be part of a larger movement that extends beyond individual chapters, uniting us under a shared vision of corporate social responsibility.”

Ongoing participation and commitment are essential to reach these lofty goals. The ITSere CSR Team  “Implores and passionately calls upon our esteemed ITSerrve members and individuals alike to wholeheartedly engage and actively participate in the diverse range of ITServe’s CSR activities.”

ITServe’s CSR Team is confident that with a passionate and dedicated team, ITServe is committed to reaching more organizations and expanding its support network, with the goal to create a lasting and positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities in need. We are driven by the belief that together; we can build a brighter future for everyone. “Join us in our journey as we strive to make a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a brighter future and foster a spirit of compassion, empathy, and empowerment in every corner of society. Together, we can transform lives, inspire change, and leave a legacy of compassion and service. Let’s stand united and make our communities stronger, one step at a time.”

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