Loka Kerala Sabha event to be held in New York


Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will attend the event

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New York City, NY

Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly) New York City is set to host the upcoming regional summit from June 9 to 11.  The headliners will include Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and several prominent Malayalee American leaders, such as Dr. Babu Stephen, President of the Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA).

The initiative was established by the state government to strengthen ties and celebrate the rich heritage of Keralites worldwide.

Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly) is an event hosted by the state government of Kerala to bring Malayali diaspora living around the globe under one platform, fostering cultural, socio-political, and economic integration between the diaspora and the state. It was hosted under the Department of Non-Keralite Residents.

Dr. Babu Stephen, president of Focana and a prominent businessman, created history by donating 2.5 mn US dollars to the Lok Kerala Sabha. This is the largest individual donation. Stephen, the CEO of DC Healthcare LLC Inc. and the President of SM Realty LLC, urged the first and generation Malayalee Americans to increase their contributions toward the progress and development of Kerala.

This will be a landmark event, with the participation of Chief Minister Vijayan further strengthening ties between Kerala and its US diaspora. The three-day event, organized by the government of the southern Indian state of Kerala, will take place at the Times Square Marriott. Apart from the Chief Minister, Speaker AN Shamsir and Finance Minister KN Balagopal are also participating in the Lok Kerala Sabha Conference. The Organizing Committee headed by NORCA Director Dr. M. Anirudhan.

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