US Ambassador to India sets on culinary voyage of Indian flovours


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New Delhi

The newly appointed US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti tweeted, “From the bustling streets of LA to the colorful lanes of Delhi, my love of great food continues. I’m at Maharashtra Bhawan, eager to explore the fascinating flavors of India. Join me on this journey as I sample the essence of India, one state at a time. Where should I go next?”

While at Maharashtra Bhawan, Garcetti was joined by 3 coworkers from Maharashtra to guide him through the culinary voyage. He savored the famous vada pav, kokum, sol kadhi, puran poli and aam ras, thoroughly enjoying each flavor.

Sharing his experience of trying these varied Maharashtrian dishes, he concluded, “That meal was incredible. I think my favourite was saoji mutton. It was the most amazing dish. Like I was told, it’s a hidden recipe so you have to ask somebody to know how to make it. I can’t wait to be in Maharashtra and Gujarat.”

Garcetti kickstarted his Gujarat trip with a visit to Sabarmati Ashram.

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