Hariprabodham Yuva Festival held in Ahmedabad, to drive youth towards happiness and harmony


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The year 2024 is Guruhari HDH Hariprasad Swamiji’s 90th birth anniversary and Pragat Guruhari HDH. Prabodhjivan Swamiji’s 70th Birth Anniversary year. Guruhari Prabodhjivan Swamiji has initiated a drive for the upliftment of youth since April 2022. HariPrabodham Yuva Mahotsav, being organized in Ahmedabad, is one of the events to mark this mission.

Youth is a time of dreams and aspirations, punctuated with questions and conflicts. It is a time of vitality and enthusiasm, spent on searching and seeking. However, a young person in this journey of paradoxes, is often lonely in spirit, lost for direction and desperate for strength.

Hariprabodham Yuva Festival is an opportunity for youths to witness, experience and be part of a life-transforming phenomenon, to learn the ways towards a life of happiness and harmony, for youths to find a doorway to a unique way of life that is enriched with spirituality, and an opportunity to experience spiritual joy and be blessed in the divine vicinity of the God.

“A tidal surge of blissful devotion enveloped millions as Guruhari Prabodhjivan Swamiji sanctified Hariprabodham Yuva Mahotsav 2024,” read a post on X by HariPrabodham, as the festival opened on January 7.

The festival provided a unique platform for about 161,000 youths to get together in the vicinity of spirituality and divinity. The festival aimed to uplift understanding for a better harmonious life within the family as well as society. Guruhari Prabodhjivan Swamiji’s dynamic mission of Youth Upliftment also includes inspiring towards a life of positivity and strength to face all types of challenges in professional as well as personal lives.

There were inspirational and life-guiding discourses by revered saints and Mahants. There was the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa towards devotion of Ram Mandir. There was inspirational drama and devotional dance on the mesmerizing grand stage. Overall, the festival is a huge spectacle of devotion and grandeur.  

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