Kerala Story releases in US and Canada


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New York

‘Kerala Story’, a film mired in controversy, was released in more than 200 screens in the US and Canada on Friday with its director Sudipto Sen saying the movie is a mission which is beyond the creative boundaries of cinema.

“The country was in denial of the long existing issue in the state of Kerala. ‘The Kerala Story’ is a mission which is beyond the creative boundaries of cinema, a movement that should reach the masses all over the world and raise awareness,” Sen told a group of Indian- American reporters during a virtual news conference.
The film’s subject was hidden from the masses and deserved to be told. We made the film in order to initiate deliberation worldwide,” said the producer of the film, Vipul Shah.

The film tells the story of three girls who were converted to Islam and ended up joining the ISIS.

This is a very bold, honest and true film which in the beginning got no support, today stands at the point of releasing worldwide with a spectacular box office success in just six days,” Shah said in response to a question at the virtual news conference organised by its Impact Advisor Priya Sawant and community leader Vijay Pallod. 

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