Meera Gandhi’s ‘3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success’ finds a huge echo from the young crowd


Meera Gandhi in discussion with Leiti Hsu

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New York

The book ‘3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success’ was discussed with the huge participation of the younger crowd at the Club Curious in Williamsburg on March 26th, 2023. Moderated by full-grown the book talk was a huge success as topics ranging from what is true friendship, to boundaries, trust, living our best lives, and being like the tiny acorns that take dreams to the potential of full-grown oak trees!

Kabir Gandhi, Meera Gandhi’s son, introduced the event and her daughter Madame Gandhi, the well-known musician and influencer, flew in from San Francisco and played ‘set me free’ on the piano, adding a lyrical touch to the packed house.  

A mostly young crowd of influencers, bloggers Gen Z and millennials mingled with notables from the NYC  community like Reshma Patel, Miriam Belov, Adrianna Shaw, (the owner of Herflix), John Wiseman who had gathered to listen to the important book discussion, which ranged from accomplishment to fear of success to tools for leading a calm and peaceful life.

Meera Gandhi and guests at Club Curious

The audience was fully engaged as Meera continued to dive deep into questions about friendship, good parenting and believing in oneself! Leiti Hsu did an excellent job of pushing Meera to respond at a deep intimate level to share her life learnings with the super engaged, supercharged, and young audience.

Guests had the opportunity to celebrate one another’s wins as Leiti led the room in one-line ‘brags’, demystifying talking about oneself. Kicked off by Madame Gandhi who shared about her new music album ‘Vibrations’, many others followed and soon the room erupted into cheers as they shared about their projects and accomplishments. While leaving the event, most people commented that they were leaving full of hope and positivity for the future!

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