Indian Physicians from New Jersey Raise $213,000 for Turkey-Syria earthquake victims


The event was a grand success and graced by the presence of Ambassador of Turkey Murat Mercan and Consul general of Turkey Rehan Ozgur

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The aftermath of such a catastrophic event can be devastating, causing a ripple effect of loss, trauma, and struggle for those who survived. The people affected by this tragedy need our help now more than ever. Every donation counts and can help to restore the lives of those impacted by providing essential resources such as shelter, food, and medical care.

New Jersey State AAPI Charitable foundation and Four Physicians Dr Binod Sinha, Dr Hemant Patel, Dr Kishore Ratkalkar and Dr Raj Bhayani led the efforts to help the victims of this disaster. On February 24th 2023 fundraiser was done at King Palace New Jersey and record 213,000 dollars were raised. This event and fundraising are truly unique as no other physician’s community or physicians’ organization has done a fundraiser for this cause.

The event was a grand success and graced by the presence of Ambassador of Turkey Murat Mercan and Consul general of Turkey Rehan Ozgur. During his comments, Ambassador said, “This is unique and one of a kind event and appreciated every one of the organizers from the bottom of his heart for their humanitarian gesture.”

Turkish doctor Dr Vedat Obuz represents TA SC gave an Excellent presentation on current situation in Turkey and Syrian doctor Dr Haythem Albizem who is Global justice founder updated on grave situation in Syria.

Mr. Rakesh Jain of Mobility Ideal Healthcare committed $150,000 worth of prosthesis, National AAPI President Dr Ravi Koli donated $5,000 as a partner of Event. More than 120 guests attended the event and donated generously.

JFK/HMH representatives President Chief hospital executive Amie Thornton, JFK university hospital VP operation Jaikumar Sreekanth, JFK university Hospital Regional chief of Surgery HMH Dr Faiz Bohra, Foundation executive director JFK university hospital Sheri Marino and Frank Babar JFK university foundation board member attended the event and announced stronger collaboration with New Jersey State AAPI.

Organizers are still getting the checks and they appeal you to join the efforts to help victims of Turkey and Syria. This event being one of a kind in USA, Turkish and Syrian community has developed great sense of gratitude towards Indian community for this great humanitarian gesture, as expressed by many in attendance. Organizers will soon be meeting the Ambassador of Turkey to present the donation check.

Mobility Ideal Health sends aid to quake-hit regions

Founder and CEO of Mobility Ideal Health, Rakesh Jain, CPO, LPO (Board Certified Prosthetics and Rehabilitation specialist) has donated more than $50,000 worth of rehabilitation aids and appliances such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, hoyer lifts and gel cushions, etc. to the victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

They have also committed another $100,000 worth of prosthetics limb to amputees following this devastating earthquake.

Mobility Ideal Health is a premier Provider of high-tech prosthetics, orthotics, diabetic foot-care, wound care and rehabilitation services in the Tri-state area with their 11 locations.

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