Biden clear on restoring compassion and order to immigration system, says White House


Biden administration has committed itself to an immigration reform that is compassionate and humane. (Image Source: Twitter/John Manley)

The White House on Thursday said that US President Joe Biden has been extremely clear about, “restoring compassion and order” in the country’s immigration system and also highlighted that the series of executive orders signed by him in the last few weeks is just the beginning. 

A White House spokesperson told the Press Trust of India (PTI), “President Biden has been very clear about restoring compassion and order to our immigration system, and correcting the divisive, inhumane, and immoral policies of the past four years, which is our focus in the coming weeks and months.” The spokesperson further added that “the executive actions signed thus far are just the beginning.”

The spokesperson was responding to PTI on a question about the Indian American advocacy group requesting administration Biden not to issue H-1B work visa to Indians, till the discriminatory country-cap is removed. As we have reported earlier, Immigration Voice urged the Biden administration to use its authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212(f) to exclude any new individual born in India who aren’t currently in the United States legally from obtaining a new H-1B visa for the first time in the fiscal year 2022. However, as per various media reports, the White House spokesperson didn’t tell PTI if the administration plans to issue such an order. 

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that lets US companies hire foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical knowledge. 

The Biden administration has committed itself to an immigration reform that is compassionate and humane. In his immigration reform bill sent to Congress, the White House has proposed cancellation of country-quota in the allocation of green cards, which is an important demand of Indian IT professionals and organizations like Immigration Voice.

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