Superstar Rajnikanth “progressing well” after hospitalization


Actor Rajnikanth admitted to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. (Twitter)

Rajnikanth who was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad due to fluctuations in blood pressure is reported to be recovering well.

Veteran South Indian actor Rajnikanth was admitted to Apollo hospital in Hyderabad on Friday due to some serious variations in his blood pressure is said to be “progressing well” according to the official statement by the Apollo Hospital.

The statement further stated that his blood pressure is still on a higher side but better in control than yesterday and the investigation so far has not revealed anything alarming yet. A further set of tests are scheduled, reports of which will only be available in the evening and decision of discharge will be taken thereafter. Currently, his blood pressure is being titrated very carefully using medication and he will continue to be closely observed. He has been recommended to take complete rest and no visitors are permitted to meet him.

The 70-year-old multilingual film star was shooting for his film named “Annaatthe” in Hyderabad for the previous 10 days, but the shoot was halted after few members from the crew tested positive for the coronavirus. He tested negative when he took the Covid-19 test on December 22, and has been under self-isolation ever since. The hospital has also stated that he showed no symptoms of Covid-19.

His daughter Aishwarya Dhanush is present with him in the hospital. The actor was expected to return to Chennai this week.

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