‘Jain Path To Happiness’ workshops conducted by Rahul Kapoor Jain


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Buena Park, CA

A series of transformative workshops on the Jain Path to Happiness, led by renowned Mindset and Inspirational Coach, Rahul Kapoor Jain, in collaboration with the JAINA Long Range Planning Committee (LRP), received an incredible response across multiple cities. The workshops took place in Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and Los Angeles.

More than 1,000 attendees across five cities had the opportunity to explore profound teachings of the Jain philosophy and gain insights into achieving inner peace, stress reduction, and mental clarity in today’s fast-paced world.

The content of the workshop was the Jain Path book.

The presentation by Rahul Kapoor has left a lasting impression on all those who have attended his sessions. He has a remarkable ability to connect with his audience and create a transformative learning experience. Participants were able to bridge the gap between ancient philosophies and the challenges of the modern world. Everyone leaves the sessions feeling empowered, motivated, and equipped with practical tools to create positive change.

This is just the start of the 100-day engagement on the Jain Path to Happiness Journey. Participants will join in on monthly join calls and work towards a happier life using Jain practices such as forgiveness, meditation, and environmentalism. Details on

In attendance included leading Indian Americans Rajendra Vora Jain Social Group Beverly Hills Founder and President as well as Jain Social Group Int Federation Vice President which has 85,000-member strength globally, Dr. Jayesh Shah Ex-President of Jain Center of Southern California and JAINA Director and LRP, Philanthropist couple and Founders of MSI Rikaben and Manubhai Shah. MSI has grown to over $2.8 billion in annual revenue, to name a few.

JCSC President Yogesh Shah presented a plaque to Rahul Kapoor Jain while Sameer Shah thanked JAINA LRP, JCSC, Speaker Rahul Kapoor Jain, and every attendee and volunteer who made this seminar a grand success.

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