Sanjay Dutt’s Torbaaz on Netflix wins hearts

Directed by Girish Malik and produced by Raju Chadha & Rahul Mittra, the film addresses the issue of human impact of global terrorism.

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Torbaaz, starring Sanjay Dutt and helmed by award-winning director Girish Malik, was premiered on Netflix over the weekend. It is a heart-warming story about refugee children in Afghanistan who are the first victims of terrorism.

As the reports are pouring in, Torbaaz is doing exceptionally well across the globe. The film is trending at no. 1 position in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar and other Indian subcontinent countries. The film is also trending amongst the top 10 in many other countries like Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. The appreciation for a Hindi film at this scale in various countries comes as encouraging news for Indian cinema as it expands the horizon for Indian filmmakers in newer territories. 

Under the banner of Clapstem Entertainment Torbaaz is Produced by Raju Chadha, Puneet Singh, Rahul Mitra and Co-produced by Amardeep S Reen. 

“Torbaaz” is the story of a man who rises above his personal tragedy and decides to transform the lives of a few refugee camp kids who are on the path of destruction through the game of cricket. Nargis Fakhri and Rahul Dev co-star in the film.

The film shares a unique point of view about the human impact of the global issue of terrorism in the form of an entirely fresh concept. The writing by Girish Malik and Bharti Jakhar is layered, informative and emotional. It is a tough subject to tackle, informing and drawing the audience into what exactly has been going on in Afghanistan- the decades of war and destruction and then also telling the story of this man, Nasser (played by Sanjay Dutt) who takes it upon himself to transform the lives of a group of refugee children through the game of cricket.

The film succeeds in taking you into this world haunted by tragedy, violence and destruction and evokes emotions in the right measure. It is a heart-warming tale of hope and not just a bleak look at the circumstances, and yet it is not a flight of fancy and false hope. This is the reason probably why Torbaaz has connected with the audience world over.

Director Girish Malik’s debut feature, Jal (2014), was screened at the Busan International Film Festival and was also shortlisted as a 2014 Oscar contender in the Best Picture and Best Original Score categories. It won the National Film Award for Best Special Effects. 

“I really like bringing forth stories and characters which people have never imagined,” Girish said. “The world of filmmaking is very fascinating for me and I like presenting every character in its most honest and impactful manner. That has always been my priority. Torbaaz is one such story and will surely leave an impact on the viewer.”

In the film, Sanjay’s character bounces back from a personal tragedy to transform the lives of a few refugee camp kids through the game of cricket. This is the actor’s first release post his recovery from cancer. 

“I like to tell stories that make an impact and are interesting to watch too. I am not making a documentary, but the audience is intelligent today, so the authenticity needs to be there. I don’t take my audience for granted. Filmmaking is my passion. And I am a very visual person; I think in visuals,” he added. 

Earlier, speaking about his Netflix debut, Dutt said, “The story of “Torbaaz” is closely aligned with the reality of Afghanistan, and the beautiful depiction of cricket as a means of deliverance is as true for the children as it is for my character, Nasser Khan, who bounces back from personal tragedy.” 

“I am truly grateful for all the love and support that I have received over the past few months, and I am glad to be returning to the screen with this powerful film. We have a strong partner in Netflix and I am glad that the film will reach discerning audiences around the world, where the story can resonate across boundaries.”

“The film talks about realistic solutions to a complex issue; giving an aim and hope to the future generation so they can stay away from the path of destruction,” said Puneet Singh the Producer of the film.

Torbaaz is finding acceptance amongst the audience and receiving positive reactions all over. 

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