Manpreet Kaur, 24 years old Indian descent woman dies on Australian plane


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Right before the departure of her flight in Australia, a woman of Indian descent passed away on a Qantas flight. Manpreet Kaur, aged 24, was preparing to depart from Melbourne to Delhi on June 20 for the first time in four years. Nevertheless, shortly after getting on the plane at Tullamarine Airport, Kaur suffered a health emergency and died from tuberculosis, according to reports.

Once Kaur boarded the plane, Ravinder Singh, a retired Army officer traveling to visit family in Australia, noticed her for the first time as he was getting comfortable in his seat. Singh told NewsAU, “I noticed that she began scrolling through photos on her mobile phone and stopped at a photograph of an elderly couple. I asked if they were her parents. She smiled and nodded and kept staring at it.”

As the plane prepared for takeoff, he observed Kaur resting her head on the seat ahead and putting her phone down. During that time, he recognized that something was wrong.

Singh, who had been spending time with family in Australia, noted that she appeared well as the aircraft started heading towards the runway for departure.

Ravinder also told NewsAU, “She was wearing her seatbelt and leaned forward to rest her head on the seat in front. As the plane was preparing for takeoff, I wanted to alert her to sit upright. But the plane jerked and I expected her to wake up. But instead, her head just moved towards me. I got the attention of a flight attendant and told her that this woman did not seem very well. She checked her pulse and after that, the reaction of the cabin crew was very commendable. They tried their best to revive her. She was then evacuated by medical staff.”

The student, aged 24, allegedly experienced discomfort before reaching the airport but still made it onto the plane. Right before the aircraft was about to depart, she passed away unexpectedly while seated.

The former army officer expressed that the memory of the incident continues to bother him, and he desires for her parents to be aware that she passed away without suffering.

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