“Transforming Lives” Tour of Salt and Light of the World Reaches Chicago after Successful Show in New York


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Chicago, IL

The Transforming Lives Tour, organized by Salt and Light of the World, made its impactful journey to Chicago following a highly successful program in New York. This inspiring event, held in association with Wheatland Salem Gujarati Service and Emmanuel United Methodist Church Evanston (EUMC), brought together diverse communities for an evening of spiritual rejuvenation and praise.

Dr. Sam George, the Director of the Global Diaspora Institute at Wheaton College, served as the key speaker for the event. His sermon was both encouraging and uplifting, leaving attendees spiritually enriched and motivated.

Rev. Zaki L. Zaki, pastor of the host churches Wheatland Salem Church and Wheatland Salem Gujarati Church, along with Rev. Scott Christy from EUMC, collaborated closely with the Salt and Light of the World organization to ensure the event’s success. Their leadership and dedication were instrumental in bringing this transformative experience to Chicago.

The program was expertly hosted by Irene Christian, who served as the master of ceremonies, guiding the audience through a memorable evening of faith and fellowship.

The evening featured soul-stirring musical performances by choirs from various churches, including the Gujarati Christian Church of Chicago, Calvary Indian Church Youth Choir of Chicago, Jai Masihi Ki Pakistani Church of Algonquin, EUMC, and Community Presbyterian Church of Mount Prospect. Each choir’s harmonious renditions added a profound dimension to the worship experience.

Salt and Light of the World, an organization committed to spreading the teachings of Christ and uplifting communities, clearly articulates its vision and mission on its website: “We aim to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, enriching lives with the message of Christ and illuminating paths with hope and love.”

Mr. Willy Robinson, Founder and Director of Salt and Light of the World, shared a powerful vision and emphasized the organization’s mission. He encouraged everyone to be the salt that adds flavor to the world and the light that dispels darkness, fostering a community rooted in faith and compassion.

In a particularly moving moment, Mr. Robinson highlighted the inspiring story of Brother Arpan Emmanuel, a keyboard player from India, whose life was profoundly influenced by listening to the songs of renowned gospel singer Thomas Puthoor. Mr. Puthoor, known for his ministry through music for over 33 years, has performed globally in multiple languages, bringing God’s message to diverse audiences.

As the evening drew to a close, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual vitality. The success of this event in Chicago is a testament to the power of faith, community, and the unwavering commitment of Salt and Light of the World to transform lives.

The Transforming Lives Tour has been a testament to the power of community and faith, with each stop bringing people closer to their spiritual goals. The tour will continue its journey, with the next stops scheduled in Brampton, Canada; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Ahmedabad, India.

–Asian Media USA

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