BAPS Charities organizes ‘In the Joy of Others’ Walkathon in Flushing


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Flushing, NY

On June 16th, 2024, BAPS Charities hosted its annual “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run ” in Flushing, NY, to support the 109th Police Precinct Community Council and Holy Civic Association in Queens, NY.

The Walk united community members in a collective effort to raise awareness for providing financial resources to enrich and enhance the 109th precinct community council.

This year, nearly 350 community members, including the Deputy Consulate General of India, Varun Jeph, NY state Senator John Liu, and Sandra Ung, Judge Amish Doshi and Judge Cassandra Johnson and Holy Civic Association, President Denise Winters were present at the Walkathon.

The event showcased a broad spectrum of participation, from kids to seniors, united for a common cause.

NY State Senator John Liu reflected on the event’s significance, and said, “These walks are a representation of what life is like, and we can get a lot further together, than if we walk alone…that is what this event is about.” When asked about the walk, NYC Councilwoman Sandra Ung explained, “Community service is the main thing for 109th  Precinct Community Council, for what is received, it is equally important to give.”

The event not only provided an opportunity for participants to engage in living a healthier lifestyle but also served as a reminder of the profound impact collective efforts can have in addressing local needs and challenges.

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