Indian Heritage Celebration Night organized by FIA Chicago


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Hoffmann Estate, IL

The Federation of Indian Associations Chicago (FIA Chicago) held Indian Heritage Celebration at the Now Arena in Hoffmann Estate. The event was an amalgamation of bright, cheery colors and vigorous, athletic performances. The event was kickstarted by the playing of Indian national anthem followed by US national anthem. The crowd erupted in a symphony of cheers, a testament to the unity and spirit encapsulated in both anthems.

As the Windy City Bulls clashed with the Grand Rapids Gold on the court, the Indian Heritage performers delighted spectators with their dances displaying professional choreography and pulsating rhythms.

This year witnessed an unprecedented surge in participation across all demographics with highest number of performers, more than 85, highest number of dance groups (5 groups), highest number of community appreciation certificates distribution (90+), maximum participation and involvement of the Indian diaspora in Chicagoland (400+) and covering all age groups, starting from 3 years to more than 80-year olds.

The evening’s performances, curated by renowned groups such as Laya, Suhani, Neha, Atarva, and Chicago Varsity Dance, showcased a seamless fusion of Indian heritage with global appeal, infusing the audience with a taste of Bollywood spice. The grand finale saw spectators on their feet, swept away by the infectious rhythms permeating the aisles.

Amidst the halftime excitement, the Windy City Bulls paused to honor the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) with a  Certificate of Appreciation’ recognizing the significance of cultural exchange within the realm of sports. Sunil Shah, founder, chairman, FIA and President Pratibha Jairath accepted the accolade on behalf of the FIA team.

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