Ashwin, a Gen Z leader, gets a role to play in 2024 Democratic National Convention


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Chicago, IL

Ashwin Ramaswami, a candidate for the Georgia State Senate representing District 48, has been appointed to the credentials committee of the 2024 Democratic National Convention (DNC). The convention is scheduled to take place in Chicago from August 19th to 22nd.

As a member of the credentials committee, Ramaswami will play a crucial role in resolving concerns related to delegate seating and verifying the credentials of delegate candidates. His work will help to ensure that only properly credentialed delegates can serve as delegates and alternates to the Convention.

Recently, Ashwin Ramaswami, the first Gen Z Indian-American candidate running for a US state senate, has won the Democratic primary in the state of Georgia and he will face Republican Senator Shaen Still in November.

His appointment underscores the significance of South Asian Americans and Gen Z leaders within the Georgia Democratic Party, shaping the future trajectory of the national party.

The 23-year-old Ramaswami graduated from Georgetown University  His parents immigrated to the US from Tamil Nadu in 1990. If elected, he would be the youngest ever elected representative in the State of Georgia and the first Indian-American to win this position in Georgia.

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