Jain leader from India, Lokesh Muni to establish US-based World Peace Centre


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New Jersey

Indian Jain spiritual leader Acharya Lokesh Muni has announced the establishment of the World Peace Center in New Jersey, with the aim of promoting global peace through various means. The center will train peace ambassadors and serve as a hub for mediating and resolving international disputes.

This initiative is part of a broader ‘Peace and Harmony tour’ addressing conflicts worldwide. The first center is set to be inaugurated in New Delhi, and the New Jersey center will be the second of its kind, marking a significant step toward global collaboration for peace and harmony.

“The establishment of the World Peace Center in New Jersey is a significant step towards creating a platform where global conflicts can be addressed. Whether it’s the ongoing war in Ukraine or the Israel-Palestine conflict, the aim is to bring disputing parties to the negotiation table before violence escalates,” said Acharya Lokesh Muni.

The foundation for the World Peace Center in New Jersey is set to be laid soon, with a ceremony planned after completing the necessary formalities. As per him, this center would be the first of its kind outside India.

Muni is the founder of the Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati organization, which works for peace and emphasizes non-violence. He was presented with the US President’s Gold Volunteer Service award in April in recognition of his contribution to the public good and humanity.

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