India’s Consulate in New York offers Emergency Services throughout the year


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New York, NY

The Consulate General of India in New York has announced that it will remain open throughout the year, including on all holidays (Saturday/Sunday and other public holidays), to assist with emergency travel needs. This service is available from 2 pm to 4 pm w.e.f. May 10, 2024, and covers emergencies such as issuing emergency visas and certificates for urgent travel to India on the same day and transportation of mortal remains being sent on the same day.

If there is any genuine emergency, you can reach out to the Consulate’s emergency helpline number to ascertain the necessary supporting documents for these services. However, this facility is specifically for emergency requirements, not regular consular services. So, if you have an urgent need related to travel documents, the Consulate in New York is there to help.

In this context, it is advised that before coming to the Consulate for any emergency service, applicants should call the Consulate’s emergency helpline number:  +1-917-8157066 to ascertain the pre-requisite of supporting documents for these services and to ensure that they fall in the category of emergency services, which cannot be postponed to the next working day of the Consulate.

The applicant will be charged an emergency service fee for an Emergency Visa as has been the practice. It is reiterated that this facility is for people with genuine emergencies and not for regular consular services.

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