Dr. Anupama Gotimukula Assumes Charge as AAPI president


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Atlanta, GA

During a solemn ceremony attended in person by hundreds of AAPI delegates from around the nation, Dr. Anupama Gotimukula assumed charge as the President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) during the 39th annual Convention at the at the fabulous and world-famous Omni Atlanta at CNN Center and Georgia World Congress Center on July 4th.

Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalgadda, the outgoing President of AAPI passed on the gavel to Dr. Gotimukula, the forth ever woman President of AAPI in the 39 years long history of AAPPI, while the audience gave a rousing applause to the new leader of AAPI.

Dr. Gotimukula has a new Executive Committee, consisting of Dr. Ravi Kolli, President-Elect; Dr. Anjana Samadder, Vice President; Dr. Satheesh Kathula, Secretary; Dr. Krishan Kumar, Treasurer;  Dr. Kusum Punjabi, Chair, Board of Trustees; Dr. Soumya Neravetla- President, Young Physicians Section; and, Dr. Ayesha Singh, President, Medical Student/Residents & Fellows Section.

Dr. Gotimukula will lead AAPI as its President in the year 2021-2022, the largest Medical Organization in the United States, representing the interests of the over 100,000 physicians and Fellows of Indian origin in the United States, serving the interests of the Indian American physicians in the US and in many ways contributing to the shaping of the healthcare delivery in the US for the past 39 years. 

In her inaugural address after she was administered the oath of Office, Dr. Gotimukula reminded the AAPI members about our origin. “We came to the US pursuing the American Dream. Through hard work and a bit of luck, most of us achieved that dream and have become successful and caring doctors who play a crucial role in the American healthcare system. We serve patients. Raise money for local causes. Contribute to our education system and improve the lives of millions of Americans.  We joined AAPI to socialize and meet others like us and in that journey learned that through this wonderful organization, we were able to make a bigger impact with the many academic, philanthropic and social initiatives.”

While acknowledging and thanking “our founding members and all the past leadership of AAPI who contributed to the growth of the organization,” the only 4th woman president of AAPI in the nearly four decades old history of AAPI said, “We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, who fought the good fight in bringing AAPI to where we stand today; vibrant, strong, healthcare heroes being recognized and valued by our peers, communities and most importantly the patients. We are the largest ethnic physician organization in the United States and help to elevate the voice of Indian Americans everywhere.”

Dr. Gotimukula urged AAPI to “improve health equity; get rid of discrimination; fight South Asian racial bias; reduce physician burnout; and, improve the career trajectory of the younger generation of Indian American doctors who will be taking care of us as we age.”

While thanking AAPPI members for “this wonderful honor of serving as your leader and I look forward to working with you all to help accomplish these goals and create greater impact through our efforts,” she said, “My hope is that this year will bring us all back together to see the warm smiling faces from region to region across the country. Let’s move forward and achieve great success together.”

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