India has ‘unexplored’ opportunities, says billionaire investor Warren Buffett


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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said that the Indian market has “unexplored” opportunities which his conglomerate holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, would like to explore “in the future”.

At Berkshire’s annual meeting, Buffett was responding to Rajeev Agarwal of DoorDarshi Advisors, a US-based hedge fund that invests in Indian equities, who asked him about the possibility of Berkshire exploring in India, the world’s fifth-largest economy. “It is a very good question. I am sure there are loads of opportunities in countries like India,” he said.

“The question, however, is whether we have any advantage or insights into those businesses in India or any contacts that will make possible transactions that Berkshire would like to participate in. That is something a more energetic management at Berkshire could pursue,” said the billionaire investor.

The 93-year-old co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway highlighted the importance of energetic management within the company to pursue such opportunities. Buffett highlighted Berkshire’s strong global reputation and shared his fascination with previous business experiences in Japan.

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