Proud Punjabi People hosts a houseful night with stand-ups and dinner


Led by Roger Chugh, PPP hosts a party every month to celebrate the evening with a theme that ranges from the Royal to Halloween to Comedy

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Edison, NJ

The emergence of a community group co-founded by Dr Khanna and lead by Roger Chugh has taken New Jersey by storm. While several Superstar shows have failed in New Jersey in the post-pandemic Era, this group has evolved as the fastest-growing and successful group.

With a motion to promote community love, bond and celebration Proud Punjabi People (PPP) is the most sought after by individuals for a membership that doesn’t cost anything so far. Every month a party is held to celebrate the evening with a theme that ranges from the Royal to Halloween to Comedy. The underlying message is to celebrate life. 

Roger Chugh, a well-known personality is the key driver of the group and events. Though a strict disciplinarian, Roger Chugh is loved by all in the group. He has plans to build the group into a large family and have its own place. Roger Chugh has held high positions in Government and has been a successful entrepreneur. 

This Wednesday was a big surprise as the group saw a full house on a week day at the Akbar Restaurant in Edison. With two stand-up comedians and dinner, everyone enjoyed the evening. 

Roger Chugh and administrators of the group will be announcing the 2023 calendar soon. But it is clear that most prominent NRIs are joining PPP for celebration of life.

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