Indian Muslim Community Lights Up New York’s Consulate General of India for Vibrant Eid Celebrations!


From left, Ahmed Shakir, Ilayas Quraishi, Sibu Nair, Kashif Hussain, Yusuf Salaam, Jenifer Rajkumar, John Liu, and Dr. Varun Jeph delivering remarks at the Consulate General of India in New York on April 21, 2024. Photo Credit: CGNY

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New York, NY

On April 21, 2024, the Indian Muslim Community (IMC) of NY/NJ/CT continued its tradition of showcasing unity and strength by hosting the Eid Celebrations 2024 at the Consulate General of India (CGI) in New York. The event began with a stirring Quran recitation and translation by Sumayya Ahmed, setting the tone for a day filled with cultural richness and community spirit.

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. Varun Jeph, Acting Consul General of India in New York, highlighted the significance of Eid in India’s cultural landscape, emphasizing its reflection of the nation’s millennia-old composite culture and unity in diversity. He underscored the importance of celebrating diversity, a value shared by both India and the diverse city of New York.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer addressing the audience via his video message. Photo: CGI

Despite being unable to attend in person, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer conveyed his heartfelt wishes through a video message, emphasizing the theme of unity in love and faith during challenging times marked by division and bigotry.

New York State Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar, the first Indian woman elected in the state, shared her deep connection with the Muslim community and her efforts to empower it. She highlighted initiatives such as expanding halal food options in public schools and ensuring the allowance of the Muslim call to prayer in New York City.

Ilayas Quraishi receiving New York State Assembly’s special citation from Jenifer Rajkumar at the Consulate General of India in New York on April 21, 2024. PHOTO: CGI

Special citations from the State of New York were presented to IMC’s founding member Ilayas Quraishi and others, recognizing their contributions to the community. Quraishi expressed humility and gratitude for the community’s support in preserving the tradition of celebrating Eid at the CGI in New York.

Reflecting on the journey of Indian Muslims in the United States, Quraishi emphasized the shared humanity and values of compassion, generosity, and unity that Eid represents. He acknowledged the responsibility of representing over 200 million Indian Muslims and Indian American Muslims in the United States.

New York State Senator John Liu acknowledged the significant Muslim population in India and the thriving Indian American community in New York, emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity.

IMC’s core committee members along with Dr. Varun Jeph, Jenifer Rajkumar, Yusuf Salaam and representatives of New York State Governor, New York City Mayor, and New York City Public Advocate at the Consulate General of India in New York on April 21, 2024.

Councilman Yusef Salaam highlighted the symbolic significance of Eid, representing gratitude, brotherhood, and unity among Muslims worldwide.

Deputy Public Advocate Kashif Hussain expressed gratitude for the invitation and presented citations from the New York Public Advocate to community members for their contributions.

The event also received messages of support from New York Governor Kathy Hochul and presentations from various community leaders, including Sibu Nair, Deputy Director of Asian American Affairs for New York State.

A ghazal performance being presented by Suman Laskar at the Consulate General of India in New York on April 21, 2024. PHOTO CGI

The celebrations featured a diverse range of cultural performances, including explanations of Eid’s significance, ghazal performances, traditional drumming, and stand-up comedy, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Indian Muslim community.

The Indian Muslim Community’s Eid Celebrations at the Consulate General of India in New York served as a testament to the community’s resilience, unity, and commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding in society.

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