Indian Americans get key security positions


(L-R) Sumona Guha, Tarun Chhabra, Dr Raj Iyer (Images: Twitter, LinkedIn)

Joe Biden named Sumona Guha and Tarun Chhabra to the US National Security Council. Dr Raj Iyer became the first Chief Information Officer of the US Army. 

US President-elect Joe Biden on Friday announced several key appointments to the National Security Council of the White House. These include two Indian Americans, Sumona Guha as Senior Director for South Asia, and Tarun Chhabra as Senior Director for Technology and National Security.

Sumona Guha is currently the Vice President at Albright Stonebridge Group. Guha was the co-chair of the South Asia foreign policy working group on the Biden-Harris campaign and also serves on the transition’s State Department Agency Review Team. She also was the Special Advisor for National Security Affairs to Biden during the Obama-Biden administration. 

Tarun Chhabra is a senior fellow at the Centre for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University. Previously, Chhabra served on the National Security Council staff as Director for Strategic Planning and Director for Human Rights and National Security Issues during the Obama-Biden administration and also was a speechwriter to the Secretary of Defence at the Pentagon. 

Indian American Dr Raj Iyer took charge as the first Chief Information Officer of the US Army after the Pentagon created the position in July. The position is equivalent in rank to a three-star General. Iyer will supervise a budget of $16 billion for the US Army’s IT operations, direct the execution of policies to modernize the US army to achieve digital overmatch near peer adversaries, and over 15,00 civilians and military personnel posted across 100 countries will work under him. 

The Pentagon said in a statement that Iyer serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Army and directs representation of the secretary in matters relating to information management/information technology.

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