India Association of Long Island Inducts Executive Council under the Leadership of President Pradeep Tandon


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Long Island, NY

On a wet and rainy evening with a chill in the air, the India Association of Long Island witnessed a momentous occasion at the Hicksville Community Center in Hicksville, New York. Despite the challenging weather conditions, the members of the 46-year-old organization showed immense support, turning the evening into a glittering ceremony.

The induction ceremony was a testament to the enduring strength of the India Association of Long Island and the unwavering commitment of its members. The show of support from the community added an extra layer of warmth to the chilly evening, turning it into a celebration of unity, diversity, and shared purpose.

As the organization enters a new chapter with the freshly inducted executive committee, the glittering ceremony symbolizes the continuity of a 46-year legacy and the anticipation of exciting new endeavors. The India Association of Long Island looks forward to continued growth, community engagement, and making a positive impact under the leadership of the new executive committee.

The evening unfolded with a harmonious start as the Oath Taking Ceremony commenced. The atmosphere resonated with patriotism as Karishma Pahuja, the granddaughter of Dr. Jagan Pahuja, President IALI 1987-1988, led the gathering in singing both the USA and Indian National Anthems.

Mr. Om Bhambri and Ms. Rita Bhateja, Election Committee members, took the stage to announce the results of the election. The air buzzed with anticipation as they revealed the names of the winning candidates. In a moment of triumph, the entire team emerged victorious with a landslide victory, marking a resounding mandate from the members.

The success of the election was not only a testament to the dedication and trust bestowed upon the new executive committee but also a reflection of the unity and solidarity within the India Association of Long Island.

The event was attended by a remarkable turnout of esteemed guests. Among the distinguished attendees were Past Presidents, elected officials including Hon Joseph Saladino, Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay, Hon Jennifer DeSena, North Hempstead Town Supervisor, Harry Malhotra, Director of South Asian Business and Development of the Town of Oyster Bay, and Bobby Kalotee, Chairman of the Human Rights Commission Nassau County Advisory Board, alongside association members and their spouses.

The ceremony garnered extensive media coverage, with TV ASIA, ITV GOLD, and other prominent outlets capturing the essence of this significant event. The presence of such influential figures reflected the importance and impact of the India Association of Long Island in the community.

Dr. Krishan Jhaveri, a distinguished member of the association, took the stage to introduce Secretary Dr. Neeru Bhambri, a dedicated member for 35 years, who has held various positions within IALI. Dr. Bhambri, in her welcoming address, expressed gratitude to all the guests for contributing to the success of the event. She pledged to serve with full motivation, professionalism, and transparency as the Secretary of IALI in 2024.

Dr. Jhaveri extended an invitation to Past President Ms. Gunjan Rastogi, who, in turn, delivered a captivating introduction to President Pradeep Tandon. The administration of the oath was a solemn moment led by Hon. Jennifer DeSena, the Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead in Nassau County, Long Island.

The ceremony commenced with the swearing-in of Pradeep Tandon as the President of IALI, a moment marked by significance and celebration. Two captivating pictures capture the essence of this pivotal moment, showcasing the commitment of President Tandon to lead IALI into a new era.

Following President Tandon’s oath, the stage was set for the induction of two other key officers. Dr. Neeru Bhambri took the oath of office as the Secretary, while Anjana Kashyap assumed the responsibilities of Treasurer.

Mr. Mukesh Modi, appointed as the Finance Chair, and Mr. Rajneesh Tyagi, appointed as Membership Chair, took the oath together. Dr. Sunil Mehra, appointed as the Socio-Cultural Chair had to leave early and did not take the Oath.

The inductees, including President Pradeep Tandon, pledged their commitment to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and its laws, the New York State Constitution and its laws, as well as the Constitution, Laws, and Bylaws of the India Association of Long Island (IALI).

In a momentous inaugural speech, President Pradeep Tandon of the India Association of Long Island (IALI) outlined a visionary roadmap, emphasizing gratitude, collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to community welfare. President Tandon’s key highlights and initiatives from his address include: Acknowledgment of Faith and Gratitude: President Tandon commenced his speech by expressing sincere thanks to the Almighty as a God-fearing Hindu, acknowledging the blessings bestowed upon him.

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