Raja Krishnamoorthy is amongst Chicago’s most influential people


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Chicago, IL

The ‘Chicago Magazine’ has named Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi as one of the 50 most influential individuals in Chicago, ranking him at 24th on the “heavy hitters” list. He is the highest-ranked individual of South Asian descent. In other words, it ranks him as the “most powerful” South Asian in the Greater Chicago Area.

“The heavy hitters in our Power 50,” the magazine said, “know how to use their influence to make things happen in Chicago and beyond,” while putting J.B. Pritzker, the Illinois Governor at number one and his sister, the former secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker at number 12.

Krishnamoorthi, 50, having been elected to Congress in 2016, is serving his 4th term as a representative for Illinois’ 8th District, which consists of Chicago’s west and northwest suburbs and the city’s 41st ward.

Describing Krishnamoorthi as the “most powerful” South Asian in the Greater Chicago Area, Chicago Magazine also noted his intention to run for the US Senate in 2026. In 2022, Krishnamoorthi contributed $460,000 to Democratic candidates and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Krishnamoorthi, who represents the northwest suburbs, it said, had “used his former perch as chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee to investigate everything from the Washington Commanders to the baby formula shortage, has $14.4 million in his campaign coffers — more than three times as much as any other congressional representative from Illinois, and the third-highest total in the entire Congress.”

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